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I was born and raised in Europe where stone paving was the family trade. Since coming to the United States in 1990, I have done paving projects that range in size from small residential properties to the large Camino Real Shopping Center. My 20-plus years of experience qualifi es Custom Hardscapes to do any job you may have, from small to very large and from simple to complicated. In addition to all of the various purchased stone materials that are available, Custom Hardscapes has recently added natural stone for that little extra touch-of-the-old-world look. We hand cut quarried stone slabs ourselves, and we can even tumble the cut stones to soften the edges. In short, Custom Hardscapes has the experience, manpower, and equipment to control every aspect of your residential or commercial paving job, from demolition and grading to fi nished paving, all with exceptional value and beauty.


 •Create an entrance with a fl air • Stylize and beautify your landscape • Beautify retaining walls and planters • Achieve a softer look • Eliminate unsightly concrete cracks and patches.• Add variety and interest • Provide excellant drainage.• Increase your property value.